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The Importance of Road Safety Education

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

1. Did you know . . .

6 children are killed or seriously injured every day on the roads in the UK.

That's an alarming statistic and amounts to;

42 children a week

168 children a month

2,016 children per year

2. Why should you care?

Receiving Road Safety Education is becoming more and more of a postcode lottery. Especially pedestrian training with budget cuts happening across local and central government. Keeping ourselves and those we love, know and care for is something we do every day. It's also a lifeskill that needs to be passed on to children.

Imagine that when you step out of your front door your toddler's tantrums are left behind, your child understands 'why' they need to hold your hand near roads. Imagine schools with pupils travelling safely, looking out for one another or peace of mind when your son or daughter takes their first trip to and from school alone or with friends.

Road Safety Education isn't just about knowing the Green Cross Code it's about building upon children's awareness of their surroundings and building their confidence to become safe and independent road users for life.

3. How can you help your child?

Talk! Talk to your children about road safety before it is an issue with a 'near miss', explain how to keep safe near roads and what steps you are taking to keep them safe. As they get older let them have more and more say and responsibility with your supervision about where to cross for example and start 'risk assessing' situations with them.

RAFT are also here for you to help you and your family, pre-school or school. You can book a RAFT Pop Up or course or invite RAFT to your pre-school, school or community group. We can deliver Road Safety Education in a fun, unique and memorable way for everyone.

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