About My Courses

RAFT offer a wide range of road awareness sessions and courses suitable for schools, community clubs, organisations and parents and children alike. My sessions and courses are grouped into ages and School year groups below.


Within each topic area I explore a lot more information with learning and activities adapted and differentiated to each year group, with the Green Cross Code being covered repeatedly, as you may expect.

Children aged 2 - 4 years

Suitable for Pre-School and Nursery years.

Children aged 5 - 9 years

Suitable for Reception to Year 4.

Children aged 10 - 13 years

Suitable for Year 5 to Year 8.


For parents, teachers, childminders, nursery workers, community club leaders or anyone else who has contact with children, wanting to know more about road safety education.


'Very good session, nice ideas, Laura had a knowledgeable, friendly and calm manner, the session was very helpful for the children'

- Monkey Puzzle Nursery